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OPEI Annual Meeting


Stein Eriksen Lodge
June 18, 2019 - June 20, 2019
Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley
Park City, UT 84060
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Save the date! June 18-20, 2019 OPEI Annual Meeting

Stein Eriksen Lodge – Park City, Utah

The 2019 OPEI Annual Meeting will be held at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, UT, June 18-20. Speakers confirmed for the three-day event include Lior Zoref and Alan Beaulieu.

The OPEI Annual Meeting is the premier opportunity for members, suppliers, vendors, and financiers to engage in a relaxed atmosphere, discuss the most important issues facing the industry today, and to do some business.

Lior Zoref

Lior Zoref

Zoref is a researcher, keynote speaker, advisor, and author of the bestselling book “Mindsharing – the art of crowdsourcing everything.”

Zoref has spoken at TED in Long Beach, CA, and has been invited to speak at The White House, Nike, Google, MIT Media Lab, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. He worked at Microsoft for 14 years, most recently as Vice President of Marketing for consumer and online services. He earned his Ph.D. in crowdsourcing from Bar-Ilan University.


Alan Beaulieu

Alan Beaulieu

Beaulieu is President and a principal of ITR Economics. Since 1990, he has consulted across North America, Europe, and Asia, optimizing companies’ forecasts and planning to increase profits through his mastery of business-cycle trend analysis.

He also serves as a Senior Economic Advisor to numerous U.S. and international trade associations. He has coauthored, with Brian Beaulieu, the books “Make Your Move,” “Prosperity in the Age of Decline,” and “But I Want It!”