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Ethanol (E15)

OPEI Launches Fuel Education Program


Look Before You Pump for Outdoor Power Equipment


Ethanol Education for Equipment Users


Before you purchase a new lawn mower, chain saw, snow thrower, UTV, generator or other small engine product, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) has an important message for you. It is harmful and illegal to use higher than 10 percent ethanol gas in any outdoor power equipment. You may see higher ethanol fuel blends, such as 15, 20, 30, 50 and 85 percent ethanol fuel, sold at gas stations or at gasoline blender pumps. Read your owner’s manual before fueling to understand the right fuel for your product … and look before you pump!


Ethanol Message from OPEI from GIE+EXPO


Ethanol Education – Look Before You Pump!


Ethanol Education for Landscape Professionals


Ethanol Education For Purchasers of OPE

Ethanol Education Message from OPEI


Outdoor Power Equipment Institute to Spearhead Campaign to Educate Consumers About E15


OPEI is leading the path to develop an advisory task force to initiate a public relations campaign to warn consumers regarding fuel with 15% ethanol (E15).  The committee will include OPEI member companies.

E15: Reality Check


E15 fuel is a reality now for contractors in the field. Here’s what you need to know to gas up right and save your equipment.

Effect of E15 fuel on Small Engines


Comments by Kris Kiser at the GIE+EXPO on E15.

Showdown at the Pump – E15 Ethanol Fuel Threatens Equipment


Total Landscape Care interviews Kris Kiser, President of OPEI, regarding efforts to stop the use of E15 ethanol fuel. What you need to know & why it’s important to act.



Congratulations to Morgan Elementary School


Morgan Elementary School in Paducah, KY received a $5,000 grant Friday for a new outdoor learning center, courtesy of the Discovery Education and Outdoor Power Equipment Institute.


TurfMutt Public Service Announcement (PSA)


Check out TurfMutt’s new Public Service Announcement (PSA). This will air in local markets and online this year.

TurfMutt Expands


The green industry’s  spokesdog is catching on, and the science curriculum is being used by 1 million students.

Congratulations to Palomar Elementary


Kris Kiser and Lucky, aka TurfMutt, congratulate Palomar Elementary on their grand prize award win for the ‘Spruce Up Your School’ Contest.

TurfMutt @ Earth Day of Service


TurfMutt and PLANET get a call out on Fox News 5 in Washington DC

Earth Day Message from TurfMutt


Happy Earth Day from TurfMutt and friends!



Staying Relevant


Kris Kiser of OPEI highlights why green industry professionals should attend GIE+EXPO and his association’s initiatives.