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OPEI Battery Fact Sheet

April 25, 2018

Technological innovation continues to thrive in the outdoor power equipment industry. Consumers can now “pick their power,” and many are choosing battery and electric products. These products provide homeowners, contractors, and other users features like enhanced run times and speed charging, as well as an increasing range of equipment – from trimmers to chainsaws to autonomous robotic lawn mowers.

Battery and electric innovations in the outdoor power equipment industry mirror those in similar fields – like the automotive and trucking industries – that have traditionally relied only on internal combustion engines. Now, the continued evolution of the industry is giving consumers even more choice when they’re selecting the right equipment for their work.

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute members produce that battery-powered equipment, including zero-turn, riding, walk-behind, and robotic lawnmowers, chainsaws, snow throwers, trimmers, blowers, cut-off saws, and other equipment for homeowners, landscape contractors, golf course maintenance crews, and other users. This equipment is a vital tool for specialized applications, including hospital and college campuses, hotels, and golf courses.

As the industry continues to evolve and innovate around battery and electric technology, so does OPEI. In 2013, the association formed the Battery and Electric Products Committee to better serve the increasing number of members active in this space. In 2017, OPEI’s longstanding market statistics and forecast program added six battery categories to track this rapidly growing segment of the market and provide members with accurate forecasts of its expansion. And OPEI is currently developing the first-ever U.S. safety standard for robotic lawn mowers.

The association is also active through its sister organization, OPEI-Canada, which since 2012 has worked to ensure the safe and proper recycling of battery-powered outdoor power equipment in British Columbia.

OPEI member companies that make battery and electric equipment work hard to make sure their products meet strict international safety standards. Independent test houses ensure all components – batteries, management systems and chargers – all use and discharge the correct amount of power. Manufacturers work internationally to fight counterfeit batteries and chargers from entering the U.S. market.

Battery technology continues to evolve along with the market. As consumers push for lighter and more powerful batteries in products like cell phones, laptops, and cars, they seek out the same in their outdoor power equipment. And so OPEI members continue to expand their ranges of battery powered outdoor power equipment – letting consumers “pick their power,” and giving them even more choices to find the right equipment for their work.