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Membership Benefits

With a current membership encompassing almost 95% of global manufacturing output, there are obvious benefits to membership by way of receiving information to help make the right decisions for your company. Additionally, the extraordinary economic conditions of the last several years also make memberships a smart choice.


  • Committee(s) Membership: The OPEI has some 15 standing committees representing the interests of both hand-held and ground-supported equipment. The committees facilitate member input on legislative & regulatory policy, standards-setting, and OPEI governance;
  • Standards Development & Product Certification: The OPEI maintains 10 ANSI/OPEI safety-related standards, including guidelines for EPA emissions certification;
  • Timely market research data and forecasts on specific industry product sectors;
  • OPEI Annual Meeting: An event focused on timely business topics and professional networking;
  • GIE+EXPO: Exclusive rights to the OPEI tradeshow.