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As we all know, water availability and water quality are very real concerns around the country.  Some places have too much rain, some not enough rain, but in a country this size, with so many climatic variations, that is hardly surprising.

So, OPEI encourages the development of water policies that are based on regional climate variations across the country with a focus on planting the right plant, in the right place at the right time.

To address longer-term water concerns, OPEI is working on two fronts:

First, we are working with stakeholder groups and ASABE, an accredited ANSI standards organization and recognized standards developer for engineering in agricultural, food, and biological systems.  In concert with ASABE, we are developing a standardized procedure for determining available water for landscapes and estimating landscape water use.

Second, OPEI and its members are committed to education surrounding the responsible use of water.  OPEI, through its Education and Research Foundation and education partner, Discovery Education (a division of  Discovery Communications), provides K-5 educators and students with a free science-based educational curriculum and classroom resources that include lessons on how to use water more wisely when taking care of green spaces.