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Since 1997, when the first emissions regulations went into effect, and all the way through 2015, when the last phase concludes, our members will have met and exceeded emissions regulations.  During this time, OPEI members have created more fuel efficient, cleaner and quieter engines, and introduced a host of equipment running on alternative fuels and sources.

Through smart engineering, technology advancements and fuel efficiency, all of today’s small engine and engine equipment are substantially cleaner.

But, we’re also focused establishing a fair playing field when it comes to emissions regulations.  OPEI works cooperatively with agencies in identifying non-emissions compliant, fraudulent product and ensuring there is enforcement authority to prevent the importation and retail of non-compliant equipment.

On the safety front, OPEI works with Health Canada and the Consumer Product Safety Commission on consumer product safety and enforcement.

Our members know their products best.  We find that if we work cooperatively with regulatory bodies, we can end up with a fair and competitive market landscape.  That’s why OPEI is committed to maintaining its strong relationship with regulatory authorities as enforcement policies continue to evolve.