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OPEI’s many manufacturers have introduced new, cleaner technologies engineered to reduce the total contribution of smog-forming emissions from all of today’s engines and engine equipment. Once all the regulations are complete (EPA’s Phase 3 regulations and California’s Tier 3), the outdoor power equipment industry will have reduced emissions by 90%.

And when it comes to alternative fuels, consumer today have a wide range of fuel or power options in engine, utility vehicle and outdoor power equipment – whether it is solar, electric, propane, compressed natural gas, biodiesel, hybrid or battery.

OPEI remains vigilant about the protecting both member and consumer interests as the fuels marketplace continues to evolve and the federal government mandates substantially more ethanol and cellulosic fuel in the marketplace.

For example, OPEI is working through the legal system with many partners to prevent the premature introduction of mid-level ethanol blends as a general purpose fuel that could result in unintended adverse impacts on the 250 million Americans who own and operate over 400 million motor vehicles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, chainsaws, recreational boats, utility vehicles, and ATVs and other engines and engine equipment.

However, we remain committed to finding the right market solutions for renewable fuels and look forward to continuing our work with the EPA on this matter.