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Issues & Policy

OPEI is the industry’s chief advocate before U.S. Congress and other policy makers on Capitol Hill.  We work to create public policy that informs consumers about changing fuels and product safety, addresses long-term water quality and availability issues, and creates a fair and level playing field when it comes to regulations and emissions policies.

We believe that by working together, more can be accomplished to benefit the outdoor power, utility vehicle and engine equipment industry, as well as the American consumer and a workforce that depend on our machines, vehicles and equipment.

Our policy and advocacy work centers on three main areas:


OPEI ensures that groups such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board listen to and address our members’ concerns when developing fuels policy – including the need for harmonization between federal and state authorities.   By informing consumers about changing fuels and the underlying infrastructure, we help protect consumer safety and their economic interest.

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OPEI is committed to addressing long-term water quality and water availability issues.  Water is a precious resource that should be used wisely.  OPEI works with agencies, stakeholders, and building codes and standards professionals to create commonsense regulations that take into account the many climatic regions in our country.

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OPEI represents its members on host of regulatory issues, including work with the Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Health Canada and other state and provincial regulatory authorities.  We represent a regulated industry whose products exceed all mandated state and federal emissions regulations.  We continue to work for fair, evaporative regulatory policies.

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Presentation on Staff Report Technology Demonstration of a Prototype Low CO Emission Portable Generator GIE+EXPO 2012

Entire staff report: “Technology Demonstration of a Prototype Low CO Emission Portable Generator

Presentation by U.S. EPA at GIE+EXPO Oct 2012 - Small SI Engines: Compliance and Emerging Issues