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TurfMutt Digital Tool Kit

In 2010, the TurfMutt program joined with Discovery Education, a highly respected, national curriculum development organization, and division of Discovery Communications, to develop a free, science-based curriculum to meet the needs of K-5 educators across the country.  And, since 2011, the curriculum has already reached approximately one million students.

Based on a real rescue dog, the TurfMutt curriculum offers free classroom resources for fostering an appreciation of the environment and green spaces through scientific investigation, activities and experiments.

In 2012, TurfMutt broadened its reach to families across the U.S. through an expanded digital experience and family-focused activities.  Beginning on October 25, 2012, you can experience the new and improved Web site.

The TurfMutt program continues to earn accolades for its outreach efforts. The Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmental Education Program – Teacher Resources and Lessons Plans websites list the TurfMutt program as a valued educational resource.

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Watch the latest video:  Check out TurfMutt’s new Public Service Announcement (PSA). This will air in local markets and online this year.