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TurfMutt Digital Toolkit

As an OPEI Member, the TurfMutt environmental education program is yours to share.  Through the TurfMutt program your company can spread the word nationwide  – with credibility and authority – about the importance of protecting and properly caring for green space everywhere.

Simple ways to Join the Pack:

  • Create a TurfMutt page on your corporate web site and we’ll put your logo on the TurfMutt Partners Page and link back to your site from the Discovery hosting site (
  • LIKE the TurfMutt Facebook page from your corporate web site and SHARE TurfMutt posts with your key audiences
  • Include TurfMutt tips and articles from in your corporate newsletters and customer communications
  • Sponsor a TurfMutt special event or promotion nationally or in your company’s local community
  • Tell Industry Partners about TurfMutt and ask them to join as supporters and sponsors

Below is the TurfMutt Digital Toolkit.  This toolkit helps you spread the word, and join the TurfMutt pack.  But it also ensures that we are all adhering to logo, messaging, social media and design standards to safeguard the integrity of the campaign and its partners.


Usage Guidelines

Social Media Integration Links

 Logo Files

TurfMutt Program

For more information or support engaging with the TurfMutt program, please contact Laura Ferry @