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Green Scene

OPEI represents members whose business and livelihood revolves around the care of everything that is green – whether it is grass, trees, perennials, shrubs or groundcovers. You name it, our equipment prunes it, cuts it and helps it grow better.

Taking care of lawns, landscapes, parks, forests and other green spaces means you have to be mindful of your unique environment. OPEI believes in the right plant, in the right place, at the right time.

What this means is that you should carefully select plants that fit your unique climatic conditions across the country. When you take into account your planting zone, average rainfall and other climate conditions, you can make the best decision for your yard, park or other green space.

OPEI also works hard on behalf of our members to reinforce safe equipment operation. OPEI invites you to explore some tips on the safe operation of a variety of equipment in our Safety section.

Through OPEI’s partnership with the highly respected Discovery Education, a unit of Discovery Communications, and the Web site, you can learn how to be an environmental steward of your own green space – whether that is your backyard, your park, your school, or whatever you call your green space. Remember, the environment begins at your front door.