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Environmental Stewardship

Lawns today are a central part of the American lifestyle. They provide for our recreation, exercise, relaxation, and memorable times with friends, family and pets.  The entire landscape, in fact, whether it’s grass, trees, shrubs or other plants, provide important lessons in photosynthesis, water filtration, carbon storing, and oxygen creation.

At OPEI, we are committed to helping you make your home landscape a healthy place to play and relax, while supporting your desire to be an environmental steward of your front and back yard.

Today, you can create the green space of your choosing and take care of it the way that fits your lifestyle. You can find the most suitable grass for your climate and growing conditions, the right machine for your residential or commercial needs and the appropriate power source,

Simply by having a well managed green space, you are being an environmental steward.

Did you know?

  • Compared to bare ground, non-green areas, and lawn substitutes, a grassy 50′ x 50′ area produces enough oxygen to meet the everyday needs of a family of four..
  • Lawns do an excellent job of capturing water runoff and lessening dust and particulate matter pollution.
  • Green space lessens the “heat island” effect, especially in urban areas.
  • Green spaces are significant carbon sinks.