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E15 Gasoline Not Good For Your Outdoor Vehicles

November 15, 2015

This is just a reminder for boaters and outdoor gear junkies who ride motorized off or on road vehicles and bikes who read The EPA’s decision to allow a waiver that increased the amount of ethanol in gasoline from 10% to 15% will affect vehicles manufactured after 2000. The new blended gasoline is called¬†E15. The old name is E10.

In 2009, the ethanol industry petitioned the EPA to increase the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline from 10 percent to 15 percent. A year later, in October 2010, the EPA approved E15 for use in cars from model years 2007 and later. Just three shorts months later, the EPA approved E15 for use in vehicles manufactured from 2001 to 2006.

Ethanol in any quantity that is added to gasoline is not good for your outboard motor, jet and snow ski or other small motors. The new E15 is a blend of gasoline with an ethanol content up to 15 Vol%.  Read more from the article here.