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Be mindful of what’s going in your snow blower

October 29, 2013

NEW YORK (CNN) – Options at the gas pump are expanding, and while you’re probably mindful of what goes in your car’s tank, here’s a heads up for those filling up leaf blowers, snow blowers and more.

By now, many have put away the lawn mower, moved on to the leaf blower, and may soon tune up the snow blower.

No matter which tool you’re powering up, be aware of more options at the gas station, as more ethanol gets pumped into the mix.

The key to remember is the fuels marketplace is changing. We are no longer in a static situation, and so, pumps may look different, gas stations may look different; they may not be the same.

The outdoor power equipment institute is urging consumers to take a second look before fueling small machines that may not be designed for new blends.

The problem is the hundreds of millions of engine units, engine products in use today are all designed built and warranted to run on fuel containing more than 10 percent of ethanol, and so that’s the challenge. Read more from the article here.