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Battery-Powered Mowing
    2018 Annual Meeting
    OPEI’s 66th Annual Meeting focused on messages of innovation and industry advancement. Chief among industry updates heard at the meeting, the trade association introduced its new statistics vendor, rolled out a preview of a new television program sponsored by TurfMutt, and shared potential market impact of new regulatory schemes in California. Learn more.
    Whether battery, engine or hybrid, OPEI members produce a wide range of power sources for their products to offer homeowners, landscape contractors, golf course superintendents, construction crews, and fire fighters the right tool for their jobs. Products powered by small engines and batteries help millions of Americans maintain their landscapes, work outdoors, and help their communities. Regardless of the work or where it’s done, consumers can pick the power and the equipment that makes sense.
  • OPE IS #PoweringGood
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    Put simply, outdoor power equipment enables people to help others in their communities. The equipment OPEI members manufacture allows anyone to make difficult and challenging chores easier, and lets us be better neighbors — whether it's using our snow blower to help clear the snow, portable generators to supply power or water pumps to pump out neighbors' flooded basements. OPEI is sharing stories of people who are #PoweringGood. Learn more.
    The 2018 GIE+EXPO hosts the all-new TurfMutt adoption event MUTT MADNESS with the Kentucky Humane Society Thursday, Oct. 18, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in Freedom Hall, GIE+EXPO's new lunch venue. Trade show attendees are invited to find their next best friend and adopt their own backyard superhero. Learn more.
  • 2018 GIE+EXPO | Oct. 17-19 | Registration now open

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    Due to significant exhibitor expansion requests in the South Wing for 2018, GIE+EXPO will likely alter the show’s footprint to accommodate exhibitors. If exhibitors wish to expand or modify their existing booths, please contact Sellers Expositions as soon as possible. Areas of the 2018 show floor will likely sell out. Limited private, secure meeting spaces in Freedom Hall will be made available to show exhibitors in 2018.
    The gas you put in your car may not be safe for small engines, UTVs and outdoor power equipment. Gasoline blends above E10 are not approved for small engines. As higher ethanol blends enter the marketplace, remember to select gasoline based on product specifications, not just price.

    Learn More about 'Look Before You Pump'.